SST - System Suitability Test

The System Suitability Test (SST) is an optional Extension for the Clarity Chromatography Station. SST module is designed to validate a chromatography system based on the evaluation of chromatograms that have been acquired from the Clarity station. Any Clarity Instrument can use SST Extension. SST calculations are not supported only in GPC calculation mode.

Validation is a process that determines whether certain components (peaks or groups of peaks) from a chromatogram, comply with selected parameters (calibrated quantity, retention time, asymmetry, etc.).

Clarity permits both individual and batch validations of either individual chromatograms or whole chromatogram sets. The user can easily change the number of validated components, set the validation parameters, values of validation limits and the type of calculations. It is also possible to choose between the testing of mean of all values or individual results within a group of chromatograms.

Even though validation primarily focuses on the testing of system reliability, it can also be used in many other ways. Validation can be run during measurements or additionally using batch processing. Validated data can be automatically saved to a database file for further processing.

In connection with a sequence, the SST Extension can even pause a sequence when a specified value has been exceeded or to perform predefined functions.

SST Extension is also compatible with Clarity Offline software.