OEM cooperation with Knauer

DataApex and Knauer annonce OEM cooperation

DataApex, a leader in chromatography software, and KNAUER, a leading HPLC equipment manufacturer, today announced signature of an OEM software agreement.
KNAUER will market an OEM version of DataApex’s product Clarity Chromatography Software under the name ClarityChrom.
“ClarityChrom will replace our successful, but now outdated EuroChrom software package. With the DataApex software we are able to offer our customers a choice between our high-end ChromGate® chromatography data system and the more cost-effective ClarityChrom,” said Bernward Rittgerodt, General Manager of KNAUER. All of KNAUER's Smartline instruments for analytical HPLC will be supported in the first release of ClarityChrom, planned for the second half of 2006. Additional instruments for preparative HPLC as well as KNAUER's WellChrom series and third-party detectors will be supported in a second release.
“This is a strategic project for KNAUER and we are pleased that our Clarity became their chromatography software solution” said Jan Hruby, General Manager of DataApex. “We are looking forward to working closely with KNAUER.”