Business opportunities

DataApex offers business cooperation in distributing DataApex products, OEM, and SDK development.

Concurrently, we are continually looking for partners (such as beta-testers) who are willing to be involved in the testing and improvement of our software products. The scale of cooperation varies from occasional involvement in the Clarity Forum to beta-testing rare configurations and even regular collaboration as an external consultant. If you are interested in any of the cooperations mentioned above, please contact us and discuss further possibilities.

DataApex provides its partners:

  • Full technical support our technicians are ready to help you with setting a new installation project at laboratories and solve issues with running the chromatography system at your customer

  • Training customized trainings both on-site and online using up-to-date webinar tools

  • Online sales tools Clarity demo version together with brochures and documentation

DataApex cooperates on a non-exclusive basis and offers several levels of partnership.


The range of modifications is flexible and designed to your needs:

  • re-branding of the chromatography software and its environment
  • modification of specific functions
  • additions of custom methods designed to your chromatography software

What does the SDK include?

  • Libraries and sources for interfacing with Clarity.
  • Documentation, guidelines and example control modules (both functional DLLs and sources).
  • A wizard for generating a basic structure of a new control module.

Please see the Software Development Kit page or contact us to get more information.


What does Agilent ICF enable our partners?

  • Use Agilent-developed RC.NET drivers for Agilent instruments.
  • Use third-party-developed drivers for non-Agilent instruments.

Please see the Agilent ICF Control page which is listing the current portfolio of instruments available in Clarity both from Agilent and 3-rd party companies. Interested in implementation of an Agilent ICF driver in Clarity? Please contact us to get more information.