Clarity 2.4.4 released

Long time expected update brings many new features.

Clarity 2.4.4 has been released 9 November 2006. This version took longer time to prepare, but it brings vast number of various improvements and fixes. Among the new features are:

  • SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Chinese localization
  • CE Extension for Capilary Electrophoresis
  • New Control modules
  • Improved Event table
  • Automatic recalibration in Single mode
  • Extended Export features
  • New columns in Summary table
  • Colored area of peaks in chromatogram
  • Fill Down function for easier work with sequence table
  • . . . complete version history

Next steps:

Go to Downloads section to get the full [obsolete link removed] or to download a [obsolete link removed].

Have a look at the Clarity 2.4.4 vs 2.4.1 manual that describes the main changes compared to the previous version.

Have a look at the updated List of controlled instruments