Clarity version 2.7 released

New control drivers, SOP for regulated environment and much more...

Version highlights:

  • New control drivers covering Merck - Hitachi LaChrom Elite HPLC system (L-2100/2130 pump, L-2200 autosampler, L-2300 Column Oven, L-2400 UV Detector - all in testing mode) and the latest HTA autosampler HT800L. Clarity can control more than 250 instruments now, the complete list can be found here. Clarity is one of the most flexible chromatography softwares.
  • Our GLP documentation was revised and now it provides SOPs for common requirements of regulated laboratories. See the Clarity in regulated Environment manual.
  • New layout of Available Control Modules dialog in the System Configuration has been implemented. Find the module by simply writing any part of the module name in the Filter field. Clarity Configuration is now easiehitachi-lachrom-elite.pngr then ever!
  • New Installer better controls the installation and uninstallation process of Clarity.
  • New calculations were included into the GPC Extension. Simplified calculations of M averages were included upon requests of our users.

Brief outline of the major changes can be found in the Clarity 2.7 x 2.6 manual. Complete list of changes in the new version is here.

The preliminary version is already available at our web page. The update for all Clarity users is free of charge (HW key is required for Clarity version