New Clarity version 3.0

Significant enhancements available for free


DataApex is happy to announce that  Clarity version 3.0 has been released this week. The version brings significant enhancements that add new functionalities and bring more comfort to users.


Amongst the greatest improvements are:

  • Clarity Project to be loaded can be selected from the Login dialog.
  • Calibration window supports more calculation options, including improved identification windows, Standard Addition calibration, Calibration Bracketing or Normalization (NORM) calculation type.
  • Chromatogram window now enables to add a name from the calibration or totally custom name to any selected peak. Other new features include electronic signatures for PDF reports, peak name as a parameter for user columns (allowing relative retention times calculation) and many other features.
  • Order of sections included in the report is now customizable.
  • Clarity now supports the data export in the Excel format.
  • New control modules

Existing users can update to the latest version for free. Users with old Clarity versions < 2.4 need to order a HW key, SW update is free of charge.

Respective version you can get from Download section here.

For more information see the complete list of changes here.