New Clarity Training Centre opened in UK

DataApex is happy to announce that a new Clarity Training Centre has been opened in the UK. The Clarity Training Centre will serve Clarity users providing both class and individual Clarity trainings. The Clarity Training Centre complements a range of trainings that are offered by DataApex and customers will benefit from a local training vendor. 

DataApex is fully committed to customer support. Laboratories face many challenges such as maximizing productivity so the Clarity Training Centre will help to speed up learning curve of Clarity Chromatography Software and deepen knowledge of its users and enabling them using chromatography software in the most effective way. 

The Clarity Training Centre will be run by the Stuart Jones HPLC Academy based at Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories in Rochester, Kent.  Laserchrom is a specialist HPLC Company, first established in 1987 and has been distributing Clarity since 2004. They have a lab with 17 HPLC systems all running on Clarity and have experience using Clarity in most of the possible configurations. Laserchrom has realigned its business to concentrate on running an extended range of HPLC training courses, which included courses for the Clarity HPLC Data System. For further information about the Stuart Jones HPLC Academy, please see www.hplccourses.com http://www.hplccourses.com/>

Laserchrom is owned and managed by Dr Stuart Jones who has 30 years of experience with chromatography and is an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is also a member of the Science Advisory Committee for the University of Greenwich.  More information on Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories is available at www.laserchrom.com http://www.laserchrom.com/>