Clarity version 8.5 is available

New Tablet Mode layout, easier mathematical operations and new control modules

Clarity version 8.5 brings the following improvements:

  • Tablet Mode for users preferring a single-window application

  • Mathematical Operations dialog can be opened and if any action is applied, the overlay mode is turned on automatically
  • Chromatogram opened outside of current project is opened only with stored calibration
  • Some options can be now added or amended before AIA file import

And new control modules are now available:

  • Runge Mikron 81
  • Runge Mikron 31
  • Separflow FC fraction collector
  • Young In Chromass YCChroZen AS
  • Young In Chromass YCChroZen Column
  • Young In Chromass YCChroZen Pump
  • Young In Chromass YCChroZen PDA
  • Young In Chromass YCChroZen UVD

Detailed list of changes is available in whatsnew.

Clarity users can update to version 8.5 free of charge from here or alternatively directly from their stations.

Download our free Clarity DEMO VERSION.